Sunday, August 29, 2010

Celebrate You! (& a Little Color Theory)

Are these two cards fun or what? They use the NEW Party Pennants stamp set in two different NEW color schemes.

The first card uses Sunny Yellow, Sky, Lagoon, and Pear inks (plus Lagoon Mini Medley accents), while the color combo for the second card was taken straight from page 52-53 of the NEW Idea Book: Pear, Sunset, and Smoothie. Which card do you prefer and why? Since they are both 3"x6" card with basically the same exact design, it really comes down to the colors.

Now for the color theory. Can you picture a color wheel? Here's an image I found to share with you.

The first card uses an analogous color scheme, meaning that the colors are next to each other on the color wheel (blue - green -yellow). Remember how yellow and blue make green? Those are analogous colors.

The second card is actually a complimentary color scheme, because red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel. Now you may be thinking, "where's the red?" but truly Smoothie and Sunset are shades of red. Smoothie is more pink and Sunset is more orange, but they do fall in the red section.
Which color scheme do you prefer? Try your own analogous or complimentary color scheme (or feel free to copy mine).


  1. Great cards Haley! Love that you also wrote about the color wheel-I always forget about that useful little tool!

  2. I like the second one. It's probably because I like pinks and reds. And, the green throws in something different.

  3. I like the first; I made almost the same one (in lay-out) w/ this stamp set: posted Aug. 26 if this does not lead there. I thought it was funny! I had based it upon the one in the catty... :0)

  4. I like them both - variety is good!

  5. Hmm...the second one a little more than the first one. Good job explaining the colors...


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