Saturday, December 11, 2010

Easy Ornament Idea

Here's a very simple ornament idea. (I wish I could remember the website where I first saw it, but I can't. Sorry!) All you do is cut or punch 7 circles. Fold them each in half. Then, carefully adhere the circles together. Add embroidery floss or some type of string through the middle (with a bead or in my case, a bell, at the bottom) as you assemble. (I decided to tie a knot at the top of mine, but of course a bead or some other doodad would look great here. I thought about adding a button but it seemed a bit much with the bell.)

Do you think you could make these with pumpkins for Halloween? What about egg shapes for Easter? What other ideas do you see? Ooh, stars would be fun too!

Finally, a quick picture of my two cutie pies at the tree lighting ceremony in the nearby town where they dance. Macey's hip hop dance class, along with a few others from the studio, were invited to dance. It was a fun (but cold) evening!

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