Monday, December 20, 2010

M&Ms Nativity

Here is a really quick, easy, and FUN little Christmas gift. I found the M&Ms Nativity idea and had to make it my own. I typed up the poem and printed it on cardstock, which I then folded in half to make a small card. I stamped a quick Christmas tree and "Merry Christmas" to the front. (They ended up fitting perfectly stapled to the front of small M&M packages!)
The girls and I passed them out to friends at school, and I am making up more to give to the kids after our Christmas Eve Christmas Pageant (5:00 PM Friday if you're in the area).


  1. The M & M's nativity idea is a really cute one, I might have to borrow it for next year! And thanks so much for posting the link - those candies it shows are so easy to make and so good - Melissa has made them for several years now, with plain kisses. But the peppermint ones are SO pretty! I sent her the link, too.

  2. I'll look at M&Ms in a new way now...before popping them in my mouth! Very nice idea...


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