Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sad News

My heart is so heavy with the loss of my uncle on Monday. He had a heart attack before Christmas and was in the hospital, but I really thought that he would pull through! My heart just breaks for my Aunt Nan (Mom's baby sister) and the entire family. My mom went down yesterday; my dad, brother, sister, and I will go down today. We will celebrate the life of this fine man and rejoice that he is now healed. I'm sure a few tears will be shed too as we remember his birthday tomorrow also.

I love you, Uncle Roger! Aunt Nan, Susanne, and Kimberly, may your faith keep you strong. I love you and your families too. See you tonight.


  1. Safe travels and hugs to you all.

  2. Oh Haley, I'm SO sorry for your loss. I hope your trip was safe and the time spent with loved ones was balm to comfort you.


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