Thursday, December 2, 2010

Washington DC Trip Layouts: 1-3/Quote of the Week

No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell.
~ Jewish Proverb

If you frequent my blog then you already know that my family and I had a fabulous time in DC several weeks ago! Because I literally took hundreds of pictures, I decided to scrapbook our trip in Studio J rather than print all my photos and then scrapbook them the classic way ( with paper, scissors, glue, etc.) The great thing was that I could work on my scrapbook layouts anywhere I had an internet connection (so many Tuesdays while the girls were dancing I was sitting at McDonald's or Wendy's- scrapbooking!).

Another great thing about Studio J is that it resizes your photos to each "photo well" (the spots for pictures on the layouts) automatically. No cropping and I didn't have to order enlargements of any of my pictures either.

One "disadvantage" of Studio J is that you cannot order single page layouts; they must all be a complete two-page layout. This isn't a problem for me because that is how I scrapbook, but what about the first and last pages of your albums? Aren't those single pages? To solve this, I chose a layout pattern (above) that worked really well for my album opener (at left) and the closing page (at right).

Because I had so many photos, I decided to create an entire album of our trip rather than a layout or two to go in our trip album (actually our trip library). {Because I (loosely) follow Stacy Julian's Library of Memories system, all my travel albums are dark chocolate. This makes my life much easier!}

Although I don't believe it's necessary to keep the layouts in an album cohesive, I chose to for this trip. I used the Passages paper pack collection for all of my layouts for our DC trip.

If you've stuck with me this far, thank you! I will be featuring trip layouts for the next several posts, so please come back for more.
{Layouts 2010 #48-50}

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  1. I'll dfntly give Studio J a try when I get a chance. Thanks for the instructions on how to do it! Oh yes, I do love the layouts...


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