Monday, December 29, 2008

Bald Eagles

Miss A and I were perplexed as to why the neighbors were stopped at the end of our road until "Old Bill" got out and pointed to the sky. A bald eagle was soaring over the lake! He said the neighbor across the street wasn't home and to pull to the bottom of her drive, so we did. We watched him soar until he was out of sight and then noticed another perched on a dead tree across the lake. They were incredibly beautiful. Ms. Pat got her gun so we could look at it (her?) through her scope. I'm not sure DNR would have believed us, but that's honestly what we were doing.

I didn't bother trying to take a picture with my camera phone, but the pair was certainly a sight to behold. We haven't seen a bald eagle here in several years, and Old Bill thinks it's been at least a year since he's seen one. What majesty to grace our lake!


  1. Wow! That sighting is indeed a treasure. Glad you got to admire them. Hugs!

  2. Amy filmed them circling across the lake from them. They think they were "fishing"!

  3. And WHERE was your new camera, young lady???

    Remember there was a nest upstream from our house? Wonder if these two are from the same family? I haven't seen any activity in a couple of years, but they have to be around somewhere! Love seeing them...xoxoxoxo


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