Saturday, December 6, 2008

On the sixth day of Christmas...

Use your supplies to make some home decor! Rather than create a framed scrapbook page (another great idea you'll see later this week), what about framed art? My bloggin' friend Elaine combed thrift stores to find some very inexpensive frames- never mind the ugly "art" they held- and redecorated them to suit her decor. My frame wasn't quite as thrifty, but was still a good buy at a local dollar store.

The other items will be featured separately in upcoming posts... Merry 6th day of Christmas!


Sandy B and Dick said...

I'm having fun catching up reading all your great projects! Hugs, honey...xoxoxoxoxo

chunkygal said...

wow I like all of them!

I have 2 naked candles!
I am taking the word gifts class at big picture you taking anything lately?


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