Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the tenth day of Christmas...

Have you considered making sets of cards to give as gifts? That person who has everything or that older (or younger!) friend who loves to give and receive mail would really appreciate a set of handstamped cards with envelopes. Include postage, a nice pen, and even a decorated address book. Or consider mailing someone a card each month of 2009. In this day and age, there's nothing like the surprise of a heartfelt message in someone's own handwriting tucked amid the bills and junk mail to brighten your day.

To package your gift, click for instructions to create:
*a card box
*a card organizer

You can also create a stationery folder out of cardstock. Begin with a 12"x10" sheet of cardstock and fold in half to create a side fold that measures 6"x10". Open so that the fold is a "valley" or "V" on your work surface. (You're looking at the inside of the folder.) Measure down 7" and then fold the bottom up to begin making the pockets. Cut the bottom 3" flap in the center to create a thin "V". Glue the outside edges of the bottom flap to the edges of your folder. You now have a 6"x7" folder with two pockets. Give it a try!

(Sorry I haven't posted pictures for the last few days, but I can't show all my secrets before Christmas!)

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  1. Haley that is a great idea! It is so great I am not sure whyI didn't think of it! Can you send my stuff home with Hannah?

    Just include envelopes, stamps?, and tie with a ribbon


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