Thursday, January 14, 2010

Felicity Fun: The Fox Layout

This layout commemorates our trip to the Fox Theater in Atlanta last Christmas to see "The Nutcracker." Unfortunately, we didn't have very many pictures, but this layout (copied from the Felicity guide included in the Felicity collection, but using the Twilight papers) worked perfectly for so few photos.

Because the theater itself is so ornate, I "blinged" out my layout with gold brads (regular and bigger size) and gold heat embossing. I stamped "FOX" with my Baroque alphabet. "The Fabulous... Theater" were stamped with the Felicity alphabet (included with the Felicity collection). To give those letters a little sparkle, after stamping them with Chocolate ink, I sprinkled on gold embossing powder, dumped off the excess, and heat set. (I learned that this technique works better on card stock than on B&T paper. I also learned to be careful when stamping words, because I know "theater" has only one "h" but for some reason felt the need to stamp 2 of them. Please don't pay close attention to my boo-boo. If you do, you'll see that I cut out a diamond from my leftovers, glued it over the erroneous "h" and stamped away. No way was I starting over! LOL)

Since I've confessed my boo-boo, do you have any memorable mistakes to share?

{Layout 2010 #2}


  1. Haley, you are too funny. Don't look, but here is my mistake in close up. Great cover up though. I believe I took my children to the Fox Theater in Atlanta to see the Nutcracker back in the late 80s or it might have been in the early 90s. We used to go to Marietta every Thanksgiving.
    Your layout is wonderful. Love all the gold.

  2. Can't see the cover up even when I look for it! Wish all mistakes were that easy to cover up. Love the layout and you know I love the Fox!

  3. Boo-boo? What boo-boo? *wink* I've made plenty, but none are particularly memorable. Just an opportunity to embellish, right?

  4. Awesome...I am LOVING that gold embossed FOX! I have loved those letters from CTMH ever since I became a consultant.,,,,I did a LO a while ago with the title Butterflies and Flowers...when my friend came round and saw it she said.."you spelled butterflies wrong" ..and so I did...forgot the said BUTTE FLIES SIGH....had to come up with an alternative ha ha.

  5. I love this one! Blues and browns are my favorite "it" colors of the moment. You do such great work, I sure wish you lived closer and I could give all my piles to you to finish, lol!


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