Sunday, January 3, 2010


My Dad called the other day and asked if the girls and I would like to go flying with him. Well, sure!!!

I got to sit in the co-pilot's seat, though I had no duties. (I'll leave the co-pilot's job to Mom, who got her license when I was tiny, or to my brother, who got his last year.)

The girls LOVED our little joy ride. When asked if they wanted to see anything else before landing, they both replied, "Sure!" They didn't have a specific destination; they just wanted to fly! Macey's favorite part was when we went fast at take off. She'll have to go on a real trip sometime to know what fast is!

Here is our little town, complete with old courthouse on the town square.

Our schools

You can't see our house because of the trees, but the white rectangle to the right of center is our camper. ;)

My sister's house is at the very top right, with my parents' house to the left (with the circular drive). The dock is the green roof at the end of the cove.

We live on a TVA lake, and the levels fluctuate quite a bit. Don't you love the red Georgia clay? People ask if the dropping lake levels bother me, but they don't at all. By the time the lake gets cold, it is too cold to use it! (We did see a few fisherman on the lake, but it is too cold for me! Today it didn't get above freezing.)

Banking over the lake

One of many mountain views

Coming in for a landing

Thanks, Grumps, for a great ride!


  1. Grumps is always ready to go flying! He had a great time with his girls.

  2. Wow you are SO lucky!!! Awesome.


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