Thursday, December 22, 2011

Union County Courthouse (Layout Share)

We celebrated my Mom's birthday in style yesterday!!! {More on that later!}

Now, onto my post:

Here's another Studio J layout that was in the works for a while and that I finally finished. These photos of our "old" county courthouse span several years- and angles.

A feature of Studio J that I love is that it makes gift-giving so easy! I am able to order multiple copies of a layout, OR copy the layout, personalize it, and order individualized copies. I ordered one of these for myself and one for my parents' scrapbook. (Last year I started the tradition of giving them finished layouts for Christmas. They don't necessarily need more "stuff," and this way we can all enjoy our family's photos and memories.)
Merry birthday and happy Christmas, Mom!

{Layout 2011 #90-91}

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  1. Giving me finished layouts is a very fine continue:) I love the pages you did this year. Thank you, thank you! It was indeed a very happy birthday AND Merry Christmas. Love you bunches...


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