Sunday, September 25, 2022

Crisp Air Scrapbooking Workshop, Layout 2: Fall

No, you haven't missed the first layout of the Crisp Air Scrapbooking Workshop!  I had to use them out of order to scrapbook some of my photos, so I am sharing them in the order that I created them.  This kit makes three gorgeous two-page layouts.

The cathedral window cut outs are so easy to punch out and fold thanks to this kit!  (You could certainly make them on your own, but it would be a lot more challenging.)

When I work with one of CTMH's scrapbooking workshops, I wait to cut the photo mattes, because my photos don't always fit what they workshop recommends.  That definitely saves me paper in the long run!  I am never afraid to customize the kits as I see fit.

If you'd like to order your own Crisp Air Scrapbooking Workshop, be sure to grab yours before the month ends and this collection retires.  I'll be posting my other two layouts later this week.  Learn more HERE!

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