Monday, October 10, 2011

H2H Challenge: Storytime! (AKA Journaling on Your Layout)

This week's Heart 2 Heart Challenge is to tell a story on a scrapbook layout (AKA to use journaling on your layout). (And I have to say that if you're NOT journaling on your layout, why are you scrapbooking? If you have to narrate your layouts as someone looks through your albums, what will happen when you're gone?) Okay, maybe I digress, but I guess you could say that I'm pretty passionate about journaling! That doesn't mean, however, that I feel like I am good at it.

For this particular layout, I actually wrote my journaling before I even took the pictures! Our older daughter was leaving for a school trip to Washington DC (10 hours from home) so I posted my thoughts on my family blog. From there, it was easy to incorporate the text with the photos I took of her departure. (She will be home this morning and has had a great time!) Feel free to click on any of the layout photos to enlarge them in your browser.

JOURNALING TIP: Begin each paragraph with the same phrase (in this case, "It's hard for me to believe that..."). Now, of course, your scrapbook would get boring if you always wrote in this style, but it's a fun tip/trick to use sometimes.

If you're interested in the deets of this particular layout (artistically speaking), I made it in Studio J. (She left Thursday evening, I worked on the layout online Thursday night, ordered several Studio J layouts Friday evening, and had my JPEGs delivered to my inbox Saturday! The actual printed layouts will be printed early next week and mailed directly to my door, complete with page protectors.) I used the Discovery kit but changed it up to match my photos better with the addition of the Grey Flannel background and the Vineyard Berry cardstock (both of which I toned down a bit with some virtual sanding). This layout sketch is the members-only "Through the Lens" pattern. Instead of using six photos, I deleted two of them to then create a larger journaling box.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, just leave me a comment. Now, head to the Heart 2 Heart Challenges blog to see what all of our design team members have created and to enter your layout. We have two terrific prizes this month! You can find all the design team members and this month's sponsors on my sidebar. Thanks for stopping by!

{Layout 2011 #65}


  1. Glad our gal is now back home. Can't wait to see her, hear her stories, and SEE the photos! Nice job on the l/o...xo

  2. Wow... this layout is just beautiful... I am sooo guilty of not journalling. I always say I'll do it later, and of course I rarely go back. But you are so right... it's why we scrapbook.. to tell the stories we won't be around to tell someday.

  3. I'm guilty of not journaling and was inspired by the DT lay-outs that I actually got some on this one I did. So I appreciate reading about how to incorporate it. Thanks for sharing!


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