Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cousin Fun

The girls have so much fun when they get to play with their cousins! We kept the boys for a few hours the other afternoon. The baby thought the big kids jumping and cutting up on the trampoline was so funny. I didn't think to get his picture, but you should have heard all their laughter. Ahh, the sweet sounds of children playing!

You should have heard my girls laughing over the series of photos I took. Who knew it would be so funny to enjoy the photos of the fun?

Hope you've had a good weekend! Yesterday's crop and last night's class were quite fun. I will try to post photos later in the week. It has been a rainy, rainy weekend, so having the girls' friend Isabel over made for a much better afternoon for them.


  1. Great pics! My kids would die to have a trampoline...It has been a glorious weekend and we spent it outdoors..woohoo!

  2. Love the trampoline pictures!

  3. How about JUMP! or UP!? I'll keep thinking. those are great pictures


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