Friday, May 15, 2009


Spring is probably my favorite season, especially here in the mountains! Here are some of the wildflowers growing around our house:

Pink Trillium

Trillium & Lady Slippers

Lady Slipper bud (no, it's not a yellow lady slipper like I had hoped, but it's beautiful anyway)

An iris (or two) from my garden

A fox kit! A vixen had four kits in a clever den that she has built. It is in the curve of our road, at the top of the bank but under the pine tree. There is a little strip of woods there that then open into a clearing where the deer love to graze.
The kits are adorable, and we usually see them in the evening. As of today, all four are still at home. They have been there for a few weeks, and I do not know how long they will stay. Apparently, the vixen will run them off when they're old enough, but for now they're all content together. Our beagle goes crazy on our walks when we get to the curve in the road!
Hope you've enjoyed a little slice of my personal heaven on Earth!


  1. Yes, I did enjoy seeing all your beautiful sites, especially the wee kit. My Lady Slipper hasn't sent up anything but leaves to date, so I'm waiting for the photo op to post.

    Having fun in ATL with 158 sistas!

  2. Love your wildflower pictures...I miss my lady's slippers! And that fox kit is adowable. I'm amazed you were able to get such a good picture of it.

  3. Haley what great pictures! you reminded me of the things I love about living here,too. But i can't pick which season i like best!

  4. I like the fall the best. Great pictures! I didn't know the small foxes were called kits and the mother a vixen. Hmmm, now I get why they call a woman a vixen (fox)!!! I'm a slow learner, I went to Onion Country Hi

  5. How did I miss this post Hayley!!!
    WOW. Love the pics...and that fox kit is just AMAZING!

  6. I googled "baby fox" to be sure I was using the correct terminology. The babies can also be called pups. B, if you could hear (or is it here? I too is a Onion Country Grad.) me now, I'd be doing my "sexy" tongue roll- rrrrr!


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