Monday, July 24, 2017

Europe 2016: Christianborg Palace, Copenhagen/H2H Challenges: Fabulous Fonts

The next series of photos from our Europe trip are of our visit to the tallest tower in Copenhagen.  (One really cool fact about Christianborg Palace is that it is the only place in the world where all three branches of government are housed together.)

WARNING: This post is long!

Because I had so many photos, I ended up creating four pages (2 two-page layouts).  The center two pages are a Picture My Life page where you just slip your photos and journaling boxes into the page protector following its design.
Here are page 1 and page 4 without the Picture My Life protector in the middle.  This layout is a simple sketch from Reflections.  It is very symmetrical and allowed me to use 8 photos plus add some journaling.  My color scheme is White Daisy, Juniper, and Sorbet.  The text patterns of our B&T may be a challenge to use on your projects, but I love how it adds interest and texture to my layout but still allows the focus to be on my photos.  Because of all the text, I wrote my journaling by hand.
 Here is p. 1 with p. 2, the PML page.  You can see the coral shimmer trim that I used plus some retired stickers that matched.  I made my own journaling boxes with Whimsy Fundamentals paper plus I also incorporated a few retired Surf's Up PML cards.
Page 1 and page 2 close ups
When you use the Picture My Life page protectors in your traditional scrapbook, you have to plan out both sides so that your scrapbook flows from layout to layout.
The PML cards uses a variety of fonts so again, I just wrote what I needed to say rather than stamped or typed my journaling on this layout.
 The spire on the old stock exchange building is four dragon tails intertwined and was installed in 1625!  So cool!

Thanks for allowing me to share our trip and a few scrapbooking tips with you!  Don't be afraid to mix fonts and especially don't be afraid to include your own handwriting- as imperfect as it may be- in your scrapbooks.


  1. Sounds like a great place to visit!

  2. We have so few places to share our handwriting any more, I like that you incorporated handwritten journaling on your pages.


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